Pictures and Imaging of Nasopharyngeal Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Invading the Skullbase
This page was last updated: October 4, 2014
This 53 year-old man presented with numbness over the  distribution of the right maxillary division
of the trigeminal nerve and epistaxis.  On nasal endoscopy, a fleshy nasopharyngeal tumor is noted. 
Histologic diagnosis:  adenoid  cystic carcinoma.
Left nasal endoscopy, showing an easily bleeding, fleshy nasopharyngeal tumor protruding anteriorly through the posterior choana. The tumor filled the nasophaynx.
This  axial CT scan slice shows erosion of the clivus and skullbase.  Tumor is also noted in the
sphenoid sinus.
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