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Substernal Goiter Surface Anatomy, Imaging and Surgical Pictures.
Large left goiter, displacing the larynx and trachea to the right of the midline (green vertical line) and extending into the upper mediastinum, behind the left clavicle and manubrium of the sternum.
CT scan of patient above, showing the enlarged left thyroid lobe (goiter) displacing the trachea to the right and compressing its lumen.
AP chest film showing a substernal goiter displacing the trachea to the right and narrowing its lumen.
Surgical photograph of above substernal goiter, removed via a cervical approach.  In this picture, the substernal component has been "delivered" and the whole left lobe has been retracted anteriorly outside the wound, while still attached to the trachea and isthmus.

The photograph on the right shows the specimen mounted and properly oriented for the pathologist to perform a frozen section.
This left substernal goiter has been "delivered" and is still attached to the trachea.
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