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Tracheostomy (Tracheotomy) Pictures (Page 2)
While pulling on the silk suture to retract the trapdoor flap, the tracheotomy cannula, with its cuff deflated,  is inserted into the lumen of the trachea.
The cannula is sutured to the skin.  An "accordeon" Racine adaptor is placed on the cannula and connected to the anesthesia circuit.
A piece of Xeroform gauze is slit and placed around the tracheostomy cannula.  Other tracheostomy dressigs are available and would do just as well.
Umbilical tape is inserted into the slots of the cannula and tied.
Side view of the "accordeon" adapter that connects to the anesthesia circuit. (The patient's head is to the right side of the picture)
To prevent a tight fit around the neck, the umbilical tape is tied over a finger, while the neck is flexed.

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