Incision & Drainage of Peritonsillar Abscess
This page was last updated: October 4, 2014
This 32 year-old juvenile diabetic presented with coma and diabetic ketoacidosis.  The mucosa of her right side of the hard palate was white (blanched) and necrotic. The maxillary sinus was easily entered with the biopsy forceps through the eroded bone of the hard palate.  The sinus was full of necrotic brown material.  The histologic exam revealed mucormycosis.. 
Surgical picture of right peritonsillar abscess displacing the tonsil inferiorly and the uvula to the left.  Pus follicles were also noted on the left tonsil. 
Foul-smelling, thick, yellow pus was recovered upon incision of the abscess. 
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