Pictures of Myringotomy and Insertion of PE Tube
This page was last updated: October 4, 2014
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This photograph of a retracted left tympanic membrane shows air-fluid levels in the middle ear.  The tympanic membrane is thin  and the light reflex is still present. This patient has serous otitis media.
This picture shows a radial anterior myringotomy.  The air-fluid meniscus is still present, prior to aspiration of the middle ear effusion.  Thin amber serous fluid was evacuated from the middle ear.
A Pope tympanostomy tube (PE tube) is inserted through the myringotomy.
This patient's hearing immediately improved by about 35 dB. 

Various PE tubes (pressure-equalizing tubes) on a penny to show relative size.  Notice the metallic Reuter Bobbin is as small as the letter "o"
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