Pictures of Foreign Body in the Nose
This page was last updated: October 4, 2014

This 2 year-old boy inserted a screw in his left nostril.  The lateral film of ths skull shows the metallic foreign body.
The patient had also swallowed a metallic washer. This x-ray of the abdomen shows the foreign body in the stomach.
The screw was removed from the patient's left nostril under general anesthesia.  The metallic washer that lodged in the stomach was allowed to proceed down the gastrointestinal tract and followed with x-rays of the abdomen.
Picture of the metallic screw in the left nasal cavity.
This 3 year-old inserted a metallic grommet into his left nostril.  It is visible in both the PA and lateral projections on a skull x-ray.
Removal of foreign body from the left nostril.  This child would not sit still and had to be given general anesthesia.
Picture of the foreign body next to a centimeter scale.
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