This page was last updated: September 17, 2014
Pictures of Mastoidectomy Cavity (Canal Wall Down)
Left Canal Wall Down MastoidectomyThis patient had a modified radical mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty.  The posterior bony canal has been removed and part of the dry "mastoid bowl" is visible posterior and superior to the reconstructed tympanic membrane.
Magnification of the above photograph.   A meatoplasty has been performed to enlarge the external auditory canal and allow easy access to the mastoid bowl for inspection and cleaning.  The reconstructed eardrum is seen anteriorly.  There is a thin layer of brown cerumen in the anterior portion of the mastoid bowl.  The fundus of the bowl is usually visualized by pulling on the pinna postero-superiorly and angling the line of vision or microscope in that direction.

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