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Endoscopic Thyroidectomy

The use of endoscopes and video-monitors enhances visualization of the recurrent laryngeal nerve and other vital structures.  The recurrent laryngeal nerve is magnified many times, compared to what is seen with the naked eye.
Minimally invasive endoscopic thyroidectomy incision.

This 1 inch incision is marked in a natural crease of the neck. The penny
which has a diameter of 3/4 inch is placed for comparison.

This relatively large goiter (left)  is "delivered" through a minimal incision, big enough to allow its removal (3.5 cm in this case)
What is minimally-invasive video-assisted (endoscopic) thyroidectomy (MIVAT)? What  is endoscopic thyroidectomy?

MIVAT or Minimally-invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (also called endoscopic thyroidectomy) is a new surgical technique which allows the surgeon to perform thyroid surgery through a very small incision in the neck. This technique which has been used in Europe since 1998 has recently gained popularity in the USA. The combined use of fiberoptic endoscopic telescopes and harmonic scalpels has made it possible to remove parathyroid tumors as well as small and medium sized thyroid glands from incisions as small as one inch. Obviously, the smaller incisions are less invasive, less painful and result in smaller finer scars.  This operation is safe, achieves esthetically pleasing scars and requires shorter recovery periods.
Endoscopic thyroidectomy produces minimal scarring.